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piece. without the arts, without the plays and all these things that happen whether it was a drawing or sculpture or music and all these things that have been produced out of the black church, we need another renaissance. we absolutely need another renaissance. we can't just keep singing the same old thing and expect the used to be there. they are just not coming. [applause] >> let's give our panel one final round of applause. [applause] >> all right. we want to quickly just recognize that we've reached the end of a great day of programming. and that we want to thank all of our day's sponsors, including columbia university, our host, the shopper, as we'll see spend much of the broadcasting all day, as well as a host of other sponsors who have been in the room and out on the street and in the reception area all day long. and most importantly we want to
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thank all of you for sticking around for this final conversation. please give yourself a hand. [applause] so with that note, goodnight to our panel, to you all. all right. >> this event was part of the 15th annual harlem book fair. for more information visit >> now on booktv from the 20th annual eagle forum collegian summit, jerome corsi discusses his book, "bad samaritans: the aclu's campaign to erase faith from the public square." this is about half an hour. >> jerome corsi is an outstanding conservative author. he wrote a "new york times" bestseller called "unfit for command" which was a major factor in the defeat of john kerry in 2004.
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and he is a prolific author so he has not one, but two books that he will talk about today. what went wrong, the inside story of the gop debacle and how it can be avoided next time, but never went from a book number two is "bad samaritans: the aclu's campaign to erase faith from the public square." please welcome jerome corsi. [applause] >> thank you very much. first, i want to, i co-authored, want to acknowledge my great co-author, john o'neill and healthy as well. could not have done it, i could not have done it without john's assistance. he was a navy veteran, and he was a great honor to fight that battle. two books i have today i think are equally important messages.
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i want to start with this one on "bad samaritans," and the subtitle is the aclu's relentless campaign to erase faith from the public square. now, in the beginning of this book i trace the history of the aclu because i wanted to make it clear that this was not an accidental development. our founding fathers inviting the first amendment articulated many times that if the united states lost its belief in god, and for our founding fathers belief in god was judeo-christian religion. that we would lose our liberty, and i begin with this thinking, these were geniuses that created our declaration for independence, our constitution, bill of rights, and why would they think that? and how is it that america today has allowed the aclu
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step-by-step to make this into a very secular nation where it's almost a crime to even have an expression of judeo-christian belief in a school or in the public square, or as i'm arguing, the aclu is about to move in to the churches to criminalize christianity. i think that's where it's ultimately headed. when i started researching "bad samaritans," i realized that the foundation of the aclu was in radical socialism and even communism. the founders, some of the original board members were writing books like soviet-american. it had its origin, the aclu, in the end of world war i and the very sabbaticals who opposed going into the military, including the founder of the organization itself. now, the evolution of the aclu
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was to embrace these socialists radical principles. some of the members being communists. outright communist. i document it fully in the book, and the goal was to attack america, to transfer him a -- transom america into a socialist state. to do that, two things had to be accomplished. one, belief in judeo-christian god had to be destroyed, and the fundamental family unit had to be destroyed. if these two entities, these two social structures remained in place, america no chance of becoming a radical socialist country, or a communist country. so the aclu decided one of its first prince was going back into the 1920s and 1930s was to support any attack on god. the scopes monkey trial was one of the very first efforts were
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the aclu jumped in. and again, arguing that in the presentation of evolution in schools that the whole argument of the scopes trial, which was a very famous trial, charles darrow represent the aclu and william jennings bryan representing god essentially, the teaching of creationism in the schools. and the aclu publicized a very radical view of that trial. which if any of you have seen enhance the wind, the play and movie, and portraying that vision which christians have portrayed as stupid. anyone who would believe in an idea of god creating the world, remember the famous scene where spencer tracy is a lawyer and browbeating william jennings bryan on the stand who was
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reduced to tears, never happened in the trial. william jennings bryan won the trial and the defense of god he gave us for a strong. but the popular image that has come out of that has been one that has persisted in demonizing christians. as i follow the history through, a couple of the major attacks going on today, and want to emphasize that this has been a skillful campaign that the left has waged, the primary attack going on right now today is on the whole agenda of marriage being between a man and a woman. and it began with a public relations campaign that the left began running to change the entire notion of relationship between two people, homosexuals, lgbt agenda, was in realizing in
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the 1950s was almost, if someone was portrayed as a homosexual, it was terrible, it was a statement. but in presenting television shows, presenting homosexuals in a positive light, desensitizing the american population. it got to a point where in terms of libertarianism, people say it doesn't hurt in the two men or married, or two women are married, why should i quit? one of the distinctions between a conservative and libertarian is that for a true conservative, the moral values, the fiber of the nation are worth fighting for on original christian judeo principles. what happens is we get introduced to a former relativism. again, this is i go into the social darwinism, you know, the idea that all these ideas ought to be tested so you can see which one images as the best. as long as they don't hurt me.
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all right, well, the next frontiers in the lgbt lobby, and the arguments that will advance them, take a public relations campaign, but only to meet or multiple people involved in a marriage, or even pedophilia. it's very hard once these barriers are broken, once the logic of a judeo-christian faith is broken down so that people no longer believe in fundamental agents, issues such as retention, then, of course, why can't you experiment with all these other forms of sexual activity? and we begin heading towards the kind of paganism that we've done before. ancient rowing -- in jerome experiment with this and we've seen the results of ancient rome was actually christian becoming an that overturned the paganism in the ancient world.
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the second, the attack on the family and the pushing of the abortion agenda, the pushing of the feminist agenda has been to break down the idea of marriage and the mother, to parents raising a child, with abortion you move into a period of thinking where sex is just polite. fun, experimentation. consequences can be just a laminated if it involves a child. and we get the whole issue of, unicode which the democrats exploited in the last election, the reproductive rights of a woman. a true conservative would say, wait a minute, what are we talking about? an 18-cent condom being paid for by public welfare? is that really what we're talking about here? and the idea that reproductive freedom includes an idea of the
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unborn child having its own rights to life. or that abortion is consequences but i can show you many psychologists and psychiatrists working with women who have had an abortion who, for the rest of their lives, are haunted by the child that was not born. in terms of conservative, we need to assert these values and bring the values for. i ended the book by saying the next challenge, once the lgbt agenda achieves that there is, in fact, a constitutional right to homosexual marriage or a lesbian marriage, or whatever other marriage is defined is legitimate, then anyone who in a church, a pastor who preaches, a biblical judeo-christian interpretation that anything except a marriage between a man and a woman is a sin, that pastor will have been committing a hate crime.
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and the future will be defined these rights as if they were civil rights. in other words, we understand improperly that discrimination by race is a crime. you can't discriminate in the united states foreboding, housing, jobs. well, truly skin color is an irrelevant consideration, but only going to equally say that male, female, or that marriage and with the idea of raising children, what we'r we are havin the united states is not only an environment in which the catholic church is got to ask if it's going to continue operating if it has to provide contraceptive services in its health insurance program, and abortions, violating the fundamental principles of the religion, we move to appoint where it becomes freedom from religion, not freedom of
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religion. and a secular society in which the aclu will be fine to fight for rights of islam, and defend muslims in a context where the aclu would never defend christians on an equal basis. the book is, both of these books, this one is partly dedicated to phyllis schlafly. i also dedicated -- bill murray, many of you know who is now a very strong christian, working to promote christianity throughout the world. but was responsible with his mother for some of the initial cases which got prayer out of the school, and bill donohue out of the catholic league, but it was argued decades ago the
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fundamental issue of feminism was why should women have equal rights. women always have special rights. how is it that we are going to eliminate common you know, going to a socialist agenda which also eliminates family. today in the united states, the number of children being born out of wedlock is terrifying. the number of teenage pregnancies is terrifying. broken families, abortions. a country which, if you like a feather, some of the signs of failure, have a child too early in your teenage years, not have a husband and wife together to raise the child. we are producing children don'te lack education, lack of god, lack values and are headed towards a future in which their future will be key -- will be given a c. on a state which is engineered the removal of god
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coming at thomas jefferson community, his wall of separation phrase, and the letter of the danbury congregation was never meant to mean separation of church and state. it was meant to mean the government cannot come in and interfere with church. we've come full circle, and the aclu has played a major part of that. now, in some ways my next book, "what went wrong?" which is about the election, is in essence a continuation of the same theme. so what i'm pointing out is you must understand that the obama campaign's 2008 and 2012, working changers. the republican party, mitt romney, i spent three weeks of traveling with mitt romney's campaign, flying on the romney
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campaign airplane, the last day of the campaign, mitt romney came to the back of the press section he said he had not even written a concession speech. he was that confident is going to win. on the airplane i asked one of the chief strategist of the romney campaign, if he was equally confident, and he was. i said, well, why? the whole idea, he said a good message, a good campaign message will be the ground again any time. and i said, i'm not so sure that. that's thinking, that's karl rove thinking or before 1950s, 1950. campaign about the message. what the democrats managed to do is, and it should not be underestimated, i'm a professional political scientist or i have a ph.d in political science from harvard 1972.
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i've studied voting behavior and presidential elections for decades. but democrats were a game changer. they are highly effective computer scientists, political scientists, communication scientists and psychologists working for them. they even hired a few physicists who were specialists in subatomic movements, because of the statistics and the mathematics have some mapping on the politics. these were people who were the same, google, silicon valley geniuses, highly funded that are also putting talent into the national security administration to be able to take vast amounts of data, you know, all your credit card information, every telephone call you've ever made, every e-mail you have ever sent, every website you've ever looked
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at, and to profile you on a micro basis, microtargeting. and then run a very sophisticated computer equation. so for the political scientist running the obama campaign, it wasn't about winning all of the country but they came down to eight states, and in those eight states it came down to cuyahoga county in ohio, and the city but if you take the city out of the united states, you've got a very red country. very republican. you put the cities back in, you know, california was out, l.a., san francisco is very different. the same all across the country. so it comes down to 50,000 votes in cuyahoga county. the democrats knew they had it, and those included getting the african-american community to respond very actively. and in florida, 50,000 additional hispanic votes.
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with techniques, so in the obama campaign e-mails you, you felt like they were talking to you personally. and the obama campaign plane interest group politics to a level that would have frightened even franklin roosevelt, such that i will make this last point and then i will take some questions, is this. obama divided, he is continuing to divide, the greatest divide in american history, and the current campaign, for instance, trayvon martin and the race, eric holder and barack obama know there's no way that george zimmerman would ever be prosecuted under federal equal rights law. the fbi would be happy to testify and show or be forced to testify and showed that they had investigated yemen and he's not a racist. but the point is this race baiting riled up an interest
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group, african-americans and their supporters. it's an industry. if they are angry, they are intensified in their support for obama. and thinking, the rich don't pay their fair share the obama knows they pay their fair share. last point, but the point is if they are riled up, if they're intensified, if there in the streets and their supporters then manipulated that way, she got is not looking at other stories in the news that these people don't want to put up. don't have any coverage of the fort hood shooting the how about the irs examining tea party group? get everybody talk about trayvon martin. is a very -- these are very effective techniques and the people running the obama campaign. we're going to have to have -- i dedicate this book to phyllis
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for her book in the '60s, a choice not an echo. the republican party does not run we'll conservative choices. the republican party has no future. and that's the major theme, not to underestimate the degree to which the obama people have changed fundamentally and forever the nature of presidential politics. thank you very much. [applause] >> it's great to see you again. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming here and speak appreciate. thank you very much. >> sharing your to print publications. you've written a wide ranging book that colleges are the books from "the obama nation" to wide ranging topics of israel to obama's were certificate. the world through you've
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mentioned, [inaudible] the section and obama's administration has come we being and grading this downward spiral of american culture, from all your research and data such as gathered and you and mr. -- have written a lot about effective journalism, do you think it is true that you've seen from all your research this trend there have been continuing on this downward spiral? and if so, is there hope for what you call quote true conservatism? thank you very much. >> yes. also america for sale which is one of my books exposing the lie of globalism and free trade with china, echoed the themes of the previous speaker. the united states, we've got to
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have a true conservative who can explain to people that, do you really want your future defined by footsteps -- food stamps? stamps? the young people sitting in this room, you're just got through college, you've got student loans. do you want your future defined by a job far below what you were trained to do? if we decide that the united states economy is just too expensive to employ people, and we go this direction of having people being constantly manipulated, not realizing that techniques being used to get you not to care, you know, detroit is bankrupt today. detroit is also bankrupted after decades of socialism. decades of social welfare state. detroit is the future of every american city. when i was a child growing up, american cities were a great treasure. today, an american cities are a
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wasteland. they are a wasteland because of welfare. they are a wasteland because of broken families. the tragedy that's going on in our into cities and around the country, which will spread to the suburbs where children are not raised correctly, don't have an education of don't see future, you know, where the family is broken from the beginning. these tragedies come someone has to stand up and say, this is the lie that began in the new deal. this is the lie of government dependence. don't be satisfied, as young people, to be told you are not needed. don't be satisfied to be told that somebody in china, or anywhere else, can do your jobs better than you can do them. but fight for this. and if you listen to the lie, even, socialism always comes on to help you. and then in the and it imprisoned you.
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obama is an extension of fbi. but he's a very intelligent extension, not to be underestimated with some of the best advice around, political science, computer science. don't think for a minute that the nsa is serving just terrorists, because you've got homeland security saying the tea party is the terrorist. as soon as they've got the information, why do you think the left doesn't care? the left knows the nsa isn't watching silicon valley. the left is watching conservatives. every bit as much as the irs targeted conservatives, and we've got to have petitions to stand up and tell the truth on this. darrell issa is doing a remarkable job on this in congress. we need to support them. we need to support politicians like ted cruz. we need to acknowledge the need to republicans, john mccain, lindsey graham, an unfortunate the marco rubio's, if that's the
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republican party, conservatives do not need the republican party. [applause] >> i'm from highway 61 and again in los angeles. i've got to question. the first is given the history of failure of socialism and communism, what is the true psychological motivation of today's socialists is don't recommend the economic system? and secondly, would you be willing to be interviewed for my new movie? >> i would be delighted to be in your movies. let me address your question. the appeal of socialism is very strong subjective. i recommend everyone younger than you read the economist manifesto. is one of the most brilliant of
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documents ever written. it promises a workers paradise. but don't hesitate also to study stalin's collectives, the millions of people killed. don't hesitate to study the millions killed in china, or in what we used to call the indochina. don't hesitate to interview some of the people in china are russian or desperate for freedom. the lie is whenever anyone is telling you government is going to help you, run from them. and, unfortunately, in schools the hold indoctrination of the left has been so effective going back into last century in the united states that our schools are dominated by -- progresses became progress is increasingly today because communists and socialists understood that they didn't want to be called communists and socialists. the agenda is interesting which
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will and the communist party knows it. some of the greatest supporters of obama's policies, if you want to prove it to yourself, read it, or the times newspapers published in the united states. so the education you are getting and have gotten is so heavily laden with a class analysis, with an attack on republicans come with an attack on capitalism. don't forget it was abraham lincoln and the 14th amendment or did he mention lincoln was republican? how about the civil rights laws that were brought forward in the eyes out administration by dwight eisenhower, introduced to congress at a time when the democrats were walking out of a national dominated convention of its egress because they were segregationist? don't let the democrats and the socialists write the narrative of a strong republican
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conservative candidate, not mitt romney it was a centric to begin with them would not let the democrats training the the minute the democrats ran commercials on romney saying he was a vulture capitalist with bain capital, he threw people out of work and took the money, romney had to get up and say that's a lie. he had to explain why it was a lie and said i was anybody who runs the commercial. if we don't have like phyllis schlafly in the '60s, conservatives who have strong principles that articulate those pencils and defend them, don't go for the kgb lie that you oppose obama, you're a racist, that's nonsense. and it has to be articulated as nonsense and has to be confronted. republican party have stood in this country for equal rights before the democrats ever became aware of the issue.
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.. >> the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. and later, senator tom coburn hears from his constituents during a town hall meeting in oklahoma. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television p

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